New Feature Highlights
E-map lays out the locations of cameras/sensors/alarms within the facility floor plan
Real-time object tracking by PTZ domes

      - PTZ Dome to Preset Position On Alarm Activation
      - Screen Pop-up on Motion or Alarm Activation
      - Main Screen View with Live Audio
      - Object Counting
      - Day-Night Recording Mode
      - Object Search
      - Thumbnail Search
      - Index Search
      - System Log
      - Twin DVR
      - Dynamic DNS Support
      - Managing Multiple Servers in a WebCam
      - Point of Sale (POS) Integration
      - Geo MPEG4
      - Remote Access Log Database Over WebCam
      - Samsung SCC-641/643 PTZ Dome Support

      Center V2 Central Monitoring Station

      - Bring multiple GV systems together into an integrated interface, allow the operator to         manage several systems from one point of control.

     Major Features
      - 640 X 480 recording and display resolution
      - Mpeg 4 / Wavelet compression technology
      - Motion detection, around the clock, and pre-schedule recording mode
      - Alarm to E-mail (Jpeg or text message)
      - Embedded I/O devices control
      - Embedded PTZ control panel
      - Build-in web server
      - Digital watermark authentication ensures image integrity and prevent tampering
      - 4 levels of password protection
      - Hardware watchdog
      - In case of alarm, motion, video loss, or I/O error, the system will automatically notify user         by telephone, pager or email (Jpeg or text message).
      - Full screen display
      - Support dynamic IP address
      - Video lost detection
      - On screen video lost message
      - Support dual screen display
      - Search file by specific date, time, and camera
      - Multiview playback screen
      - Remotely access to recorded video and audio files
      - Video de-interlace filter
      - Video auto gain controller
      - Video scaling filter
      - Use Microsoft Remote Desktop to control another GV-System
      - Mini-View display
      - AVI repair utility                                                                                             [back to top]

     Recording Mode
      - Motion detection recording
      - Around the clock recording
      - Pre-schedule recording
      - Pre alarm and post alarm recording
      - Pre motion and post motion recording

     Camera Configuration
      - Independent video brightness and contrast control
      - Selectable motion detection sensitivity and masking area for each camera.
      - Independent recording quality and frame rate adjustment.

     Remote Monitoring Software
      - Remote View
      - IP Multicast
      - WebCam
      - Remote Playback system
      - Geo Center
      - G-View for Win CE PDA
      - i-Mode mobile phone

      WebCam Features
      - Live monitoring and remote playback via Internet browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer (software         will be automatically downloaded to the computer, no advance software installation is         needed)
      - Access to 16 channels of live video in a single web page
      - Remote PTZ and I/O control
      - Enlarge any camera to full screen
      - 3 levels of video quality adjustment
      - Support dynamic IP
      - Locate video server by domain name or IP
      - Two-way audio communication
      - Complete remote control and setup

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